In the midst of the Crisis

In the midst of the crisis, we have remained unshackled,

In it we have found our strengths, our weaknesses and we have battled,

Tooth and nil until we have found an antidote, An Antidote to our troubles?

But what if we have an antidote without the desire to use it?

We have lost family, friends, Leaders,

They are now our freedom fighters,

They fought a good fight,

They held tight,

Even as they succumbed, they were valiant,

Even as we continue to battle let us be brilliant,

Have we learnt a lesson?

A lesson about Health Care?

A lesson about resilience.?

A lesson about Adapting to change?

A lesson about proactivity?

Only time will tell,

As always let us take care of ourselves as well as our brothers & sisters!

We are the present & the future and we cannot be the quitters!

Yours Truly,A.K.K


Visionary Leader, Futurist,Adventure lover, Environmentalist, cultural Enthusiast,Son of Wanja& Kariuki, Author of my destiny

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