In the midst of the Crisis

In the midst of the crisis, we have remained unshackled, In it we have found our strengths, our weaknesses and we have battled, Tooth and nil until we have found an antidote, An Antidote to our troubles? But what if we have an antidote without the desire to use it? We have lost family, friends,Continue reading “In the midst of the Crisis”

“Dream Big,Start small but most of all start..”-Simon Sinek

Hello there, My name is Antony, I  would like to, first of all, welcome you all to my blog, herein I hope to share with you my life story, ideas, thoughts, aspirations so that we can grow together. Starting a blog has been at the back of my mind for the longest time since 2009.Continue reading ““Dream Big,Start small but most of all start..”-Simon Sinek”